Our Materials

Glowvia Art uses the best material from around the globe. We try to make sure that our customers get vibrant colors and designs on green PVC free paper. All our materials are sourced from different countries like Korea, Netherlands and the USA. We provide you with various options on materials. Our materials range from canvas to oil-brush fabric to PVC paper to HD PVC Paper, non-woven, glitter paper and snow white etc. We provide you with the best options for every material which you would not find in regular wallpapers. You are allowed to choose your paper type and design from the available and get it customized as you want.

Most of our customers are quite confused while selecting what will look the best or which type of design will work best on which type of papers. We try to find the best solution to your problems. For example, you can go for a glitter paper for space themes, backgrounds,and abstract designs. It will look best on those little edges in your offices and homes. You can also go for fabric finish to provide a premium look for your homes, bedrooms and living room. With us, you will be provided with the best solution and that too at a minimum price.