Wallpaper Faq's

Q. When I remove my wallpaper, will my walls get damaged or my wall paint peel off?

No, it’s not necessary that your wall will get damaged. Therefore, we do not guarantee regarding the condition of your wall surface unless you apply the wallpaper. However, we will not take any responsibility for any paint touch-ups that might be required or any damage that might occur while removing the wallpaper.

Q. Under what conditions will I be able to return my wallpaper?

Please Do Not accept the order if you receive a damaged or tampered packaging at the time of receipt. Ask the courier person to take back the order. Also, you are requested to inform us via email as soon as possible so that we can take corrective action against it.

However, if the wallpaper is incorrect or does not match to the specification that was ordered by you then you need to inform our customer care via email within 24 hours of the order receipt along with the photo-proof of the order. You are also requested to send us back the original shipping package within 5 working days. Please note that you will have to bear the cost of shipping for sending the wallpaper back to us.

Q. For how long will my wallpaper last?

Our wallpapers last for more than 10 years because of their superior quality and durability. We also make sure that it looks as good as new with proper maintenance and care.

Q. Does your company send Installation instructions along with the product?

Yes, we do send a detailed instruction sheet that contains every minute information regarding the installation procedure. You can also visit our website to get more information on how to install the wallpaper.

Q. How will I be able to install my wallpaper?

You can simply install your wallpaper by just following our installation instructions attachedto your order. You can also visit our website to get the complete details regarding installation.

Q. Can I not apply the wallpaper to a rough wall surface? Is it necessary to have a smooth wall surface for applying the wallpaper?

No, you cannot apply the wallpaper on a rough surface. Your wall surface needs to be smooth and free of bumps and indents. Get your wall rectified by your local painter to get it finished.

Q. How long will I need to wait for receiving the wallpaper order?

From the date of order placement, it takes nearly 3 working days to process and dispatch the order. Shipment might take up to 5 or more working days after dispatch.

Q. Can I return the wallpaper if I don’t like it?

Sorry, we are not able to help you regarding this matter. Once the wallpaper has been delivered you cannot return it because we make great efforts to customize and print the wallpaper according to the client preferences and choices. Please refer our Return Policy for more details.

Q. Will you provide a full refund of my money?

No, we do not offer refund option on any regular or custom wallpapers that have been shipped to its purchaser. We are happy to offer an exchange and resend a fresh and correct order in case of any incorrect or defective order.

Q. Do your orders for custom size wallpaperhave any additional charges?

No, we don’t charge any additional charges for custom size wallpaper order.

Q. May I know how you will be calculating the cost of wallpapers?

Yes, we will provide you with a quote for your wallpaper. Our prices of the wallpapers are calculated on Sq Ft basis. You just need to provide us with the dimension in feet/inch and we will convert it into Sq Ft and will let you know the price.

Q. Do you charge extra for shipping?

No, we don’t charge any extra for shipping. We provide free shipping all over at any address all over India.

Q. What are your copyright terms and why I need to follow them while using an image on the web?

A copyright provides the owner with the right to copy, distribute, publicly displace and create their own version from the original. It also provides the sole right to the owners to license those rights to others

We are very serious while dealing with the copyright infringements. We have full right to reject/refuse to print the artwork/photo/image if we find that they do not comply with our terms & conditions. Before uploading such files on our website make sure you have the copyright to your artwork/photo/image or seek the permission from those holding the copyright.

Please refer to the Copyright section to get more information about our copyright terms.

Q. Can I use a Google image or any image found on the Internet while getting my wallpaper printed?

No, that’s not a good idea because there are chances that in terms of quality, the image will not justify the parameters for printing the wallpaper. Moreover, you will be wasting a lot of time and effort in seeking permission or locating the copyright holder to use it in your wallpaper.

Q. Do you provide additional enhancement or touch-up services before printing the wallpaper? Are there any extra charges for these enhancements and alteration?

Yes, we do provide additional enhancement, touch-ups,and modification service so that the customer exactly gets what they want in their wallpaper.

Moreover, there are some additional costs for getting these services. The additional cost may vary according to the amount of enhancement and alterations required by the customers.

Q. Is it possible to get someone from your company to install the wallpaper at my residence or commercial place?

Yes, we do offer installation service for our customers within 48 hours at a reasonable price for Delhi NCR only & installation services of rest of india will be start soon.

Q. Can I still install wallpaper if I don’t have a flat surface wall?

No, you cannot install our customized wallpapers on the rough surface wall because it won’t provide the perfect finish.

Q. Is there any minimum order / quantity to confirm order for custom wallpapers?

Yes, we will accept minimum 40 sq ft of the customized wallpaper.

Q. The wallpaper which I have chosen does not have a size which is required. How can you help me?

Not an issue! You can simply customize the size t suit your requirements by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Select the design of the wallpaper on our website.
  • Click on the custom size option.
  • Fill the required height and width.
  • Since the requirement is different from the original image, you need to crop the original image to decide which part you would like us to print.
  • Move the crop box on the image by dragging with the mouse.
  • You can re-size the image by dragging the small corner squares.
  • Preview the image before confirming the order.
  • Continue to place the order to get it print if you are satisfied with the preview section.
  • If again you want to re-size the image, you will be prompted to go back to the crop box option.

Q. Can I clean my wallpaper?

Sure, you can clean your wallpaper with a damp sponge dipped into a solution of mild soapy cleaning detergent and water. Avoid the use of harsh chemical-based detergent or excessive scrubbing.

Q. Can I exchange my wallpaper for a new one?

We offer an exchange policy only if the order is defective or incorrect. If it is so, we will resend a fresh order to your address.

Q. I want to go for a Custom Size Wallpaper. How do I calculate the size which I actually require?

Not an issue! Simply calculate the measurement where you want to install the wallpaper and provide us with the same in cm/foot/inches and leave the rest with us. We will convert it into sqft and will provide you with the exact measurement of the wallpaper which is actually required. You can also refer to the ‘How to Measure’ section of the website for more information.

Q. What paste should I use for my wallpaper?

Different wallpapers require different paste. In general, we will recommend you to get a good quality ready mixed adhesive paste such as Albany wallcoverings Adhesive and more. Moreover, we also describe all our adhesives on our wallpapering tools page and recommend the correct paste at the basket stage.